Candle Lighting

​"Darkness is setting upon the world; the workweek is coming to a close. A week of activity, a week of growth, a tiring week. But as the sun goes down, a new day is being ushered in: the day for which we toiled the entire week, a day of rest and tranquility, the holy Shabbat.

​Greeting the Shabbat (and also Jewish holidays) are girls and women across the globe. Shortly before sunset they light candles, which usher in peace and blessing to their homes and to the world."

Shabbat Guides

"Tranquility. Awareness. Jewish identity. Family. Truly restful sleep and the best food on earth . . .
We’re told that no such thing exists, but Shabbat may well be the panacea to modern life. Imagine: a day on which the world stands still. Imagine: a time when the search for your spiritual center ceases—because you now are at your spiritual center. Imagine: Shabbat"

Community Shabbat Dinners

1st Friday night of each month @ 5:30PM

​Enjoy a traditional Shabbat Dinner with Gefilte Fish, Chicken soup and Matzah Balls, Main Course, and Dessert. $18/Adult, children FREE!

Shabbat Services

Saturday mornings @ 9:30AM

Join our Shabbat services for a spiritually inspiring experience with Soulful prayer, spirited song, Hewbrew-English prayer books, interactive and thought provoking Torah discussions. Kiddush Lunch with the finest Cholent in town served after services at around 12PM. 
All are welcome!
To sponsor a Kiddush on honor or in memory of a loved one,
please call 781-956-2507.