Torah Campaign

“At that time… your people will be rescued; all who are found inscribed in The Book.” — Daniel 12:1


In 1981 (5742), The Lubavitcher Rebbe, requested that Torah scrolls be written to unite all Jewish people, and that each and every Jew acquire a letter in a Torah scroll.The Rebbe pointed out that a verse in the last chapter of Daniel alludes to every Jew having a part in a Torah scroll.The verse reads “At that time, the great prince, Michael, who stands beside the sons of your people, will appear. It will be a time of trouble, the like of which has never been since the nation came into being. At that time, your people will be rescued, all who are found inscribed in The Book.” (Daniel 12:1)The Rebbe explained that “The Book” alludes to a Torah Scroll which every Jew should have a letter in.Now, as we live in unprecedented and uncertain times due to COVID-19, it is urgent and extremely important that everyone have a letter in the Torah.

​The Jewish nation is one Torah scroll. Every individual — big or small, scholar or unlearned — is one letter. We are all one, interdependent and equally important.You can purchase a letter in the Torah for yourself or on behalf of a family member, friend or to honor the soul of a loved one.

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